Bring Back our Girls, Bring back our Pride and bring back our Africa

The climax of the African pride lies in the African woman, whose beauty gives an aura of a coherent society .Her natural beauty resonates with a strong value system that naturally breeds warmth to the fibre of society. She incubates tonnes of love that add meaning to the fabric of life and therefore due respect must be accorded to her. I note with a deep sense of regret and categorically denounce the inhuman and denigrating kidnap of the innocent Nigerian girls, I pray for their safe release and subsequent reunion with their families. Yes as Zimbabwean as I am I pray for their safe release. Why? Because they are my sisters. Why? Because it is the right thing to do and I uphold values of UBUNTU.
I am not a saint and I do not boast of a righteous monopoly of the knowledge between right and wrong but I think I am qualified to see the difference between a stone and a rock. In my late twenties I know the difference between kidnap and a hostile takeover. Heaven knows where the innocent girls are and what they might be going through at this moment. What has come over our brothers? Are we not supposed to be each other’s keeper? Let us say no to Terrorism in Nigeria, and NO to a more sophisticated form of terrorism in the rest of Africa.
This more sophisticated form is characterized by greed and kidnap of the virtues that make our continent a beautiful one. We have been engrossed by a village head mentality that disregards what our freedom fighters fought for. Instead we are now free to line our pockets through corruption, we are now free to fight each other and even kill each other. We cannot fool each other because no one lives in a fool’s day calendar. We have the largest numbers of churches, mosques, schools, universities yet we act in barbarism to the detriment of those that we are supposed to care for. We are people of substance and let us not terrorize each other. We want peace and tranquility. Let love rule.
Please Bring back our Girls,Please bring back our Pride and Bring back our Africa

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