Be a dreamer

A dream is a culmination of ideas and images driven by a wish to achieve a lasting legacy that positively impacts an individual and his dependants. A dream can be individual or corporate. Corporate dreams cut across companies, nations and even the universe. Dreams can grow and as such individual dreams can tremendously grow to impact nations and the world at large. Therefore it is important to associate with dream builders so as to allow for growth that is characterized by impact.

A dream plays a pivotal role in people’s lives. It begins with simplicity deeply seated on the loins and groins of every individual. Its attributes sweeten the music of life even in times when every good thing seems to be collapsing. It implants an enthusiasm and a great sense of vigilance at a time when adversity threatens to diminish the hope in us. In times of confusion it radiates a corrective wave that converts confusion to comfort.

You do not protect your dream by hanging around people who constantly remind you of your short comings and how you can never get it right. Surprisingly they are good at projecting how crazy your dream is, indicating how others with similar intentions failed in the past. In most cases they themselves have nothing to dream about yet they are very good at interpreting your own dream. Whilst others do consultancy work for a fee they are always ready to give you advice and consultancy free of charge. Such advice can indeed be free but the cost of reparation is very high. It surpasses imagination; a dream killed is worse than that which never was. The fact that such people think it cannot be done does not mean you cannot do it. All you need is a push in the right direction and you cannot get that push by contaminating yourself with trash from those who seek to discourage you. There is nothing wrong with seeking advice and guidance but there is everything wrong in telling your dream to people who will steal your coat of many colours. That is why it is important to hang around individuals who generate confidence in you.

We should have a passion for our dream, the kind that is similar to a mother’s love for her child. She travails day and night for her child whose first world was of course her womb. Her words of encouragement are an inscription that will forever be written in the child’s heart. She watches over her baby so that no vulture can take away her bundle of joy. She gives her child a sense of meaning as she whispers sweetness that can never be found anywhere in the world. She is a pillar of hope for the baby who will always seek refuge in her. Her child relishes her tender touch that no Baby Care Center can offer. She is a friend to those who have good intentions towards her child yet so repellant to those who want to suffocate her precious gift from God. Her good values and virtues easily radiate into her baby boy who in time graduates into a mighty man. In the same fashion these adorable virtues flow in the veins of her baby girl who becomes a virtuous woman, all this because of a mother’s unconditional love. Such kind of love is fit to be rendered to one’s dream.

As you look up the sky, you wonder what will be the next move on the jigsaw puzzle of life. All moves seem not to match this puzzle whose components are in unspeakable disarray. You try to sleep but the pillow seems to have suddenly turned into a rock whose rigidity simply cannot even lure you to a second of sleep. Even the usually comfortable bed seems to be worse than the hardest metal. You simply cannot sleep. At this stage you are probably overqualified for a night watchman who at least sleeps during the day. Your body slowly succumbs to exhaustion and probably wishes for another to substitute it in this shift of sleeplessness. Your mind seems to have run out of ideas let alone your mouth which seems to be bewitched into a spell of an unusual quietness. You are now probably worse than a statue which was made to languish in quiet stagnation. You begin to wonder whether this is the beginning of the end of a breathtaking movie with you as the main actor. You begin to feel uproar of vindictive passions that can only be quenched by elimination of everything that weighs you down. You are in a fix that can only be resolved by a strong force that cannot be stopped. This force is of course your dream.

In moments of devastation, when the eye seems to be engrossed in a spell of illusion; when the ear seems to hear nothing but drums of turmoil throbbing from within only one thing can save the situation, that is the vision for the future. The dream grows hope and expectation in a desert of uncertainty and hopelessness. It gives strength in situations where people think it the end of you. It cheers you on when every one seems to be overtaking you as if you have run out of the all important fuel that propels you. The dream keeps you on track in times when the road seems to be non existent. At such moments you begin to wonder what has happened to the sweetness that was written all over you not so long ago. You begin to hope for Samson’s strength to probably help you destroy this strong room that seems to prevent your prayers from reaching the heavens. Under such circumstances you begin to wonder if you have had visitations from him whose mandate is to steal, kill and to destroy. With tears awash on your cheeks you begin to wonder if you will ever experience seven or more years of abundant happiness after what seems to be seven years of distasteful dryness. You find yourself in this solitary place of seclusion where your only friends are house flies which of course enjoy feasting on your tears.

In such a situation you bleed and no doctor can help you, you feel your strength wearing out and no amount of exercise can resuscitate it. Nothing seems to materialize and maybe you have trusted too much. You let other people hold your heart and now they have dropped it leaving you in need of an operation. It is broken and unfortunately no surgeon can manage to stitch it up. To make matters worse no one is prepared to donate their own heart to save your sorry life. Your heart chambers are in dire need of urgent attention. Even the enthusiastic plumber who fixes chambers will only attend to those of faulty sewer systems and not those of the heart. In fact no one seems to be of help, except for rumour mongers of the North who always undoubtedly render their support in telling how useless you have become. Hoping for a breather you turn to the South were you encounter the full wrath of what looks like preachers propagating a gospel of how the heavens are punishing you for your sins. A sixth sense however brings to your attention that the heavens cannot operate in such a ruthless fashion when they can white wash scarlet red sin.

What you experience in the East leaves you wondering why the Sun chose to rise from that direction. It leaves you wondering why this huge bolus of heat fails to burn these irrational Easterners who seem to be celebrating your seeming demise. As if this is not enough you turn to the West where you encounter worst case scenarios which threaten to wallop you to extinction. You begin to wonder if there is indeed a time for everything since one thing appears to exist in your world. The biblical book of Ecclesiastics surprisingly is true to others who seem to be always in a time to smile, to rejoice and to gather stones of hope. On the contrary the horns of your clock seem to be stuck in the hour of crying so that happiness becomes a taboo. You are in the brink of collapse and heaven knows what will become of you. Only heaven knows what will become of those loved ones who look up to you as their shining star.

You are down but you cannot be kept down for long if the goodness in you is very much alive, you cannot be down for long if your dream still resides at the back of your mind. You cannot give up so that history captures you as a timid individual who never stood up to the challenge, you cannot surrender your destiny to fate so that you become a good example of a wrecked individual whose existence on mother Earth is to add on to humanitarian statistics. If you were born for greatness then you certainly cannot die a death of pity that is loaded with an abundance of legacy deficiency. If you were meant to get to the summit you will rise again no matter how many times you fall. If the sky is indeed the limit you will endeavour to get there even if it does not look blue anymore. You might not know if the sun will shine tomorrow but you can certainly try to make hay today with the ruminant of energy left in you. You certainly can laugh the longest if you choose to laugh last even if it seems as if your chance to show off your teeth will never come.

Stay tuned as we ponder on ways to make your dream become a reality..

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