Out to make a change

There are times when one feels discontent about his or her present state of affairs. In such a situation one feels alien to the goings on in life. Life seems discordant and everything seems off side. At such moments one seems to be in a bottomless pit with a vast expanse of darkness that is devoid of any traces of light. Nothing seems to work except for the odds that hammer the last ray of hope in the downward spiral that seeks to bury you alive. In this instance eyes cannot see beyond this dark window that ceases to be the link to a world of freedom that Madiba dreamt of behind bars. You are trapped in an island of dissatisfaction coupled with unquenchable thirstiness that can only be redeemed by an uncommon spasm of hope.

Change is the answer in such a situation. Change is a phenomenon that replaces old fashions of behaviour with new ones. It begins with recalibration of an individual’s thought life. A person has to get angry concerning his or her state of affairs in order to activate a thought process that seeks to do things differently. It is well documented that only a fool can do the same thing over and over again expecting different results. This means that change is viable to the wise if they realize that certain actions are failing to yield the desired results. This means that a person has to take steps to move out of the bottomless pit.

Uncommon challenges need uncommon ways of tackling them. This means that sometimes the way to changing the outlook in a person’s life might need a unique element that others might have never used. There is no formula for change. In other words one needs to take measures according to the way he or she sees fit. This of course does not eliminate the need for counsel and guidance from those who might have faced similar challenges in the past. What it simply means is that have the final decision to make an impact in your life.

There is an element that can sometimes act as a barrier for effective change. It paralyses fortitudes in people making them prone to manipulative schemes. It makes individuals vulnerable to frictional forces that give them an unspeakable myopia towards life. It makes people swim in a pool of immeasurable slumber that makes their brains go to sleep at a time when tactful thinking is required. This element is none other than fear, fear of what other people might say. In any case why fear a person who cannot even give you a teaspoon of oxygen to add on to the precious God given breath of life. Why shiver at the sight of people who are quick to count your shortcomings yet they cannot even count their own hair? Why tremble at the sight of award winning skeptics who are so brilliant in running your affairs yet so dismal in theirs?  Why bother yourself with people whose arithmetic is so good at adding your misfortunes yet so defunct when it comes to simple addition of their own mess? Clearly fear of other people must not deter us from taking a step of change.

Change occurs if an individual decides to make a difference; it is not easy to take a decisive step that can sometimes be alien to traditional norms and practices. It is clearly not easy to take a grassy path that seems to be in dire shortage of footsteps to follow. However this path can lead to a place of happiness. It can lead to a land of milk and honey. Milk is a natural source of protein that is essential for growth. Honey is a nutritious sweet yellowish juice that wrecks havoc to salivary glands and the tongue which can methodically mop up a plate full of the golden liquid in seconds. However to partake of the milk and honey one has to sometimes endure a kick by a hind leg of a cow during the milking process. One has to make do with a swollen blue eye after a sting by an angry bee which is always at loggerheads with those who prey on its industry.

In essence the road to change is not a stroll in the park. It is an act of perversion to suggest that change is an easy thing to do. Sometimes the easy way out of a situation can prove to be an easy way into a catastrophe and so care must be taken. However individuals must change in spite of the difficulty that can be encountered in the process of change.

These are some basic points to ponder before taking a step of change

  • Why do you need to change?
  • How are you going to do it?
  • What are the risks associated with the step of change? Is there going to be some casualities? If any how significant are they?What steps can be taken to avoid them if necessary?
  • Who will help you achieve change?

There are several points to ponder before making a change. You can add on some more for the benefit of others. Stay tuned for more on meeting destiny…

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