The Sunday Special:Issue 2-Guerilla Tactics

Featuring Dr T.A Makoni

Guerrilla warfare is irregular warfare. lt refers to conflicts in which a small group of combatants uses military tactics, like ambushes and raids, to harass a larger and less-mobile traditional army. The term means “little war” in Spanish, and the word, guerrilla, has been used to describe the concept since the 18th century, and perhaps earlier. Guerrilla warfare describes a conflict between armed civilians and a regular army, either foreign or domestic, where the armed civilians (the “irregulars”) use tactics such as ambush, sabotage, the element of surprise, and extraordinary mobility to strike a vulnerable target and withdraw almost immediately.

The tactics of guerrilla warfare were used successfully in the 20th century by—among others— Mao Zedong and the People’s Liberation Army in the Second Sino-Japanese War and Chinese Civil War, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara’s rebel army in the Cuban Revolution, Giap and the Viet Cong in the Vietnam War, Josip Broz Tito and the Yugoslav Partisans in the World War II, the Kosovo Liberation Army in the Kosovo War, and the Irish Republican Army during the Irish War of Independence.

The Zimbabwean liberation struggle was effective because the fighters used the guerrilla warfare. It made it difficult for the British settlers to fight an enemy that appeared and disappeared. That way the then colonialists were lambasted by the liberation fighters so that Zimbabwe attained its independence. Such is the story of most African countries that were once caught in the ugly horns of colonialism. In any war victory is possible if prior knowledge of the enemy tactics is taken into consideration.In today’s issue of Sunday special, we meet Dr T.A Makoni who displays the importance of Knowing your Enemy.

Dr Makoni needs no introduction. He is a multi-skilled professional life coach and mentor, a practicing dentist, the pastor of Celebration Church Bulawayo, a business man, chairman of Rapha Trust. He is also the chairman and major shareholder in General Steel and Construction (GENSCO). He is also the convenor of the Champions Turf Dinners. The list is endless. It is his cutting edge in many fronts that make him the person better placed to grace this week’s edition of “The Sunday Special”.

“Knowing Your Enemy”. These are the words that lit the white two and a half metre board as Dr Makoni took to the stage. One could have thought that the projector had beamed an illusion but alas that was reality. The title of the message was indeed correct. Many could have imagined what knowing the enemy had to do with them let alone be beamed on a Sunday characterized by communion and the holy remembrance of the Lord Jesus Christ. However after an encounter with the voice of Dr Makoni everyone was left gasping for more. Therefore Revolution believes that such a word will make a difference in our lives. He believes that knowledge of the enemy does not only enhance our chances of winning but it also fortifies our strength and courage to fight.

In his introduction Dr T.A chronicled the importance of knowing the enemy. He deliberately placed himself in the minds of the people so that they understood the fundamentals of warfare. He gave a variety of examples of tactical combat so as to ensure victory. In all these examples the crux of the matter was that people must not go into battle without knowing the enemy. Talk of guerilla tactics, world cup games to solid biblical examples and quotes, all these were embedded in his message.

Knowing your enemy gives you a clear understanding of his or her capabilities. As for Christians the number one enemy is the Devil and so knowing him means one knows the appropriate course of action to take in order to annul his plans. In this case Jesus is the way.(if you wish to access Dr Makoni’s full Sunday message join the facebook group Celebration Bulawayo Network)

An enemy puts an individual in a place of agony. An enemy assassinates every form of progress that wants to grow in a person. He would take away a woman’s energy at the point of giving birth so that she miscarries her bundle of joy. ln short the enemy is out to destroy. To destroy is to cancel,to annul, to render ineffective and to undo. An enemy delights in a doomed destiny, a destiny without a backbone so that one becomes imbalanced. However people should be in a position to stage an unbelievable comeback.

Of particular interest is the fact that the enemy should not be underestimated or overestimated. Overestimating the enemy results in fear and timidity whilst on the contrary underestimating the enemy can lead to a surprise massacre and bloodbath. Therefore correct assessment of the enemy is pivotal in order to win. Overestimation of the enemy renders an individual ineffective. It destroys all avenues of victory so that the enemy wins even before the battle has even started.

The enemy can never engulf us. He was defeated two thousand years ago. Dr Makoni said some words that sounded simple yet so profound. He posed a rhetoric question that queried the people’s continued casting out of devils most of the times yet the very same people spend less time lifting up Jesus. He did not say casting out Devils was wrong but that an equal amount of energy should be spent glorifying God. In such a scenario people would spend time focusing on what the Devil does instead of the good things that God has done for them. The Devil must not be feared because he was dethroned years ago. His capacity and legitimacy were ripped off him. He lost his authority but he still has the power and so he must not be underestimated.

In recapitulation we must be sober and watchful. We must walk with courage even in enemy territory. We are fully human but sometimes we must use guerilla tactics in order to destroy that which is meant to incapacitate us. All we need to do is to play our part even behind enemy lines. When we play our part God will sneeze at our enemies so that we romp into unquestionable victory.

God created you and me because it delighted him to do so. He did not give us a guerilla image but instead he gave us that of His own. This alone makes us unique. Let no one tell you otherwise. Let no enemy undo that image of God by beheading that special dentity.  We will fight for our Destiny at all costs,we will answer all wicked and deadly maneuvres of the enemy with our full might. So help us God.

I trust that you enjoyed this week’s edition of ‘The Sunday Special’.Stay tunned for more next week.

  1. #1 by Henry Brown on July 6, 2010 - 5:32 am

    Firstly l am impressed by your writtings.You seem to have something different from what l have seen before. Keep the originality. I am also impressed by the man you featured in your issue today.However l am a bit worried by the belief system that most people have adopted in that part of the world. Of course there is a God in heaven no doubt about it,but there is no evidence of that. i am not denouncing your religion,l am also not saying that what l believe in is right but in my forty years of life l have never for once seen the light of Christianity.l am not African but l believe you guys had something going on before Christianity was forced on you. i respect your opinion and that of Dr Makoni but fill me in on what makes you so confident of Jesus being the solution.i hope you will also get Dr Makon to respond to my questions as well.

    • #2 by meetingdestiny on July 6, 2010 - 6:06 am

      Welcome Mr Brown. Thank you for your compliments. Firstly l welcome your differing opinion and l accept the diversity of people’s belief systems. however l call on you not to be worried by the people’s choice ie those in this part of the world and indeed other parts of the world. l will not speak for others but l believe God is there,l have seen his hand. l guess if you say there is no evidence about that you mean that no tests have been carried out to prove God’s existence. l have a scientific bareground and have carried out several laboratory tests. i will tell you that to this day l have not come across an instrument that can be used to test his presence or existence. This is because He is simply there.l guess several people who access this site will indeed prove that God is there.

      l disagree that Christianity was forced on us. Mr Brown you will realize that this is a question of choice. To date there are several religions in Africa and a person chooses what he or she wants to believe. In any case one chooses what better satisfies him. As for us Christians it is the redemptive power of the Blood of Jesus that gives us the faith. It is the practical aura of redemption that makes us gaze into the heavens and thank God for our saviour Jesus Christ. We believe beyond the shadow of doubt that God is there. l hope you are yet to see that sir. l trust Dr Makoni will also address your concern.

      • #3 by Gary Mathews on July 6, 2010 - 6:25 am

        Interesting.Revolution keep up the good work.l see you have a wonderful talent of twisting words. Truly there is no instrument that can measure or test the presence of God.He is there. l am a geologist and l have never come across such an instrument. l am still waiting for the book. Great mann.l love this

  2. #4 by Tanya on July 6, 2010 - 6:15 am

    Thank you for sharing with us the guerilla tactics. The enemy has no door!!!Jesus rocks..He is the Alpha and the Omega.He is there. Thank you for featuring Dr Makoni, l have seen his blog,so encouraging. Please keep up the good work.Jesus is there..He lives

  3. #5 by Cleo on July 7, 2010 - 1:03 pm

    Thanx, Revo. This is a great post. Pliz continue writing and inspire millions. We truly need 2 knw the enemy so that we are never caught by surprise.

  4. #6 by bongo on July 20, 2010 - 8:00 am

    This is a powerful message….I loved it when you said, …’enemy should not be underestimated or overestimated…’. In other word we ought to be alert ALWAYS such that when the enemy comes like a floods, Our Lord Jesus will will raise up in us an exceptional standard to conquror.
    God bless you.

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