Redeeming Destiny:1-Through Good Hope

Hope is an expectation that generates an inward belief that things will be alright. It is a ray of light that leaks onto darkness so that it leads to light at the end of the tunnel. It boosts one’s enthusiasm and willingness to press on the mission. In other words mission impossible becomes mission possible as the eye begins to see the bigger picture beyond what can be seen. Even him who has one eye or no eye at all begins to see the bright prospects of a better tomorrow when today is no better that yesterday. Hope becomes the eye that destroys myopic strongholds that hold back the ability to see the treasure that seems distant. Good hope generates goodness in a seeming cycle of misfortune so that unfortunate situations become the foundation of a fortune that can last a lifetime. It is Good hope that cannot keep a good man down. It is Good hope that gives strength at the point of weakness and it is indeed Good hope that gives hope in hopelessness.

When hope is lost dreams are assassinated so that individuals retire to low self efficacy and low confidence levels. A person with low self efficacy has a syndrome that cripples the ability to unleash the dynamite that can breakthrough any challenge. Such individuals would cry of hunger whilst they sit on gold mines. In other words the ability to utilize the great deal of the potential they possess becomes no deal at all. An individual with low self efficacy is no better than a stooge or a zombie. In other words he does not believe in himself. The confidence scale of such an individual reads zero so that he or she does not confide in his or her own ability to rise above situations. However Good hope provides a remedy to such a situation. It gives the necessary foundation to build the much needed confidence that promotes one’s growth.

Destiny therefore rests on Good hope. He who does not have hope cannot move forward let alone hop like a grasshopper. In short he cannot walk even if his legs have the muscle that can make him run. He is incapacitated even if he has the capacity to surge forward. That way he cannot drift towards destiny. All he can do is be stagnant or drift away so that the breath of joy and exhilaration escapes like air from a punctured balloon. It is therefore necessary to grow Good hope by adhering to best practices that ensure growth. These include:

  • Hanging around people who generate confidence in you. This means keeping good company. Good company promotes growth by giving encouragement and positivity. There is power in the tongue and so it is better to hang around those that will speak life instead of using their red taste organs to assassinate the vital hope in an individual
  • Running away from killers of passion and killers of possibility. This simply means that bad company must not be kept. There is no need to hang around those who will inject you with unnecessary energy that always keeps you at the back. Such kind of energy ensures that you are the tail at all times. The truth is that the tail is the most energetic yet it will always be at the back.
  • Hope is also generated by frequent affirmations that renew the mind. Affirmations are a set of positive words that represent a balance of system that nourishes the thought life. This means affirmations appeal to one’s mind so that an individual becomes conscious of the need to stretch imaginations to a helm of mental change. Such a change or paradigm shift then grows positivity as these positive words are spoken. Consequently hope is generated because hope is a function or derivative of a positive mind.

These are some of the few methods of building hope in order to redeem a Destiny that seems to be irredeemable. Stay tuned for more.

  1. #1 by Nelson Ndlovu on June 26, 2010 - 7:14 am

    great works man. i love this

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