When Destiny seems irredeemable

Tendai stepped to the left and right so that he swayed like a banana tree each time he tried to move forward. He had gobbled enough booze to make him look like a confused man with an appalling illusion that altered his vision. The cows had come home before dusk so that the creep of dawn stared surprisingly at him wondering if he would ever stop his drinking spree. Even water could not dilute the alcohol content that had accumulated in his bloodstream owing to the huge volumes of liquor which could not satisfy his thirstiness. The craw of the cock then signaled the start of a new day and indeed a new month. The month of March had come to an end so that the last dime in his battered wallet marched out in salute to a hero who was resented by his own family.

Folding his fat sausage fingers he clenched his fist so as to knock on the door. One bang was enough to ring the alarm before it made a ninety degree swerve which swung it ajar. His wife stood in front of him like a pillar of salt soaked in tears that awaited the full might of Sodom and Gomorrah whose evilness could only be destroyed by divine intervention. This was before fists rained on her so that her body soaked in itchiness and swollenness before he ranted and raved insults like a mad man. Their little children shivered uncontrollably like patients with an unexplainable fever as the cry of their mother diffused into their small ear drums which knew no beats of peace. Such is the agony of a destiny that seems so far away.

Sometimes individuals are subjected to situations that seem irredeemable. Their sense of well being is confiscated by different situations that sentence them to a place of fear and limitation. In such a situation Destiny seems irredeemable so that all avenues of happiness seem to be closed. One becomes a victim of this huge giant that rains fists of pain that seem not to go away even when painkillers are administered. An individual’s cries seem to be enclosed in a sealed plastic that insulates and prevents them from reaching those who can be of help. At such moments prayers seem to be trapped somewhere between heaven and earth so that evil seems to steal all emblems of happiness. In other words the Good Samaritan seems to face the ugly penalty of cruelty whilst the villain seems to enjoy the fruits in the orchard of the innocent ones.

In short the scale of hope seems to favour him who never put in a mass of love so that the deserving seem to hang in the air. In such a scenario the seed of happiness seems to germinate in the garden of him who never planted; oranges seem to grow on the orchard of him who never set out to seed whilst the deserving have to make do with bitter lemons. Nature seems to defy the principle of seed and harvest where one seemingly harvests what he or she did not plant. At such a time destiny seems irredeemable.

Is it possible for such a Destiny to be redeemed? Is it possible for lost hope to be found? Is it possible for the orchard to grow oranges let alone allow for lemons to be converted into lemonade? Is it possible for nature to be redefined so that the call of nature answers  the need to germinate seeds whose fruits nourish the efficacy and esteem of individuals? Can Gomorrah ever be destroyed?

Stay tuned for more as we explore practical ways of redeeming lost hope in anticipation for a solid Destiny that defies all odds

  1. #1 by Tanya on June 23, 2010 - 10:52 pm

    I almost cried as l read your introduction.This is because it identifies with what l went through.Sir l do not know you and we have never met but your writings give me hope.Please keep up the good work.The pillar of salt identifies with me.

    • #2 by meetingdestiny on June 24, 2010 - 12:13 am

      Tanya thank you for sharing with us. I trust that you will indeed realize that there is always a way that will eventually lead you to a sweet destiny regardless of the challenges you go through. The fact that you identify with the pillar of salt means that your saltiness can still be effective when administered to the right pot. You can still influence the taste of your environment in a positive way that benefits you and the society at large. I encourage you to choose hope over fear. Do not be afraid to stand up and confront situations.Realize that what happened in the past happened so you can be a useful tool for the future. There is light at the end of the tunnel,you are not finished but instead you have just begun a journey to a Destiny of unlimited progress.

  2. #3 by simon on June 26, 2010 - 5:47 am

    i find myself in a situation whereby i have lost faith in the institution of marriage.Somehow your blog seem to REDEEM that faith.I am really inspired by your work and hopefully i will develop a positive outlook towards marriage because of your breathtaking wise words.Thank you so much Senda.

    • #4 by meetingdestiny on June 26, 2010 - 7:01 am

      Thank you Simon for sharing with us. I am also thankful to God for allowing me the chance to say words that are meaningful to you. Keep there faith,all is not lost. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Nothing is irredeemable..

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